ICT-Advanced Engineering Society (ICT-AES) is a non-profit organization which is registered in MSIP (Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning) of Korea Government. The goal of the Society is to share knowledge and experience of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and Advanced Engineering experts in academia, industry, research institutes, and national/local government, for promoting the development of the ICT and advanced engineering areas, which cover all aspects of IT, communications, IT convergence, ubiquitous engineering, embedded systems, multimedia computing, biotechnology, next-generation ICT technology and RF systems / modules / devices design and fabrication technologies.

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Proceedings of the ICAEIC-2018 is available to download
ictaes | 2018.07.17 | Votes 0 | Views 752
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Final Conference Program (ICAEIC-2018)
ictaes | 2018.06.28 | Votes 0 | Views 936
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International Conference on Advanced Engineering and ICT-Convergence 2018 (ICAEIC-2018)
ictaes | 2018.03.07 | Votes 0 | Views 952
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