Conference Program

Best Paper Awards in NCAEIC-2020 (Dec.9, 2020)

  1. Paper Title: Development of Road Abnormal Situation Detection and Notification Application Using Deep Learning (Authors: Cheayoung Lee, Hyomin Kim, Woorim Lee, Heewon Jeong, and III Chul Doo)
  2. Paper Title: Technique for Composing Music by Artificial Intelligence (Authors: Hyeong-Suk Oh, Ji-Oh Lee, Dae-Kwon Lim, Mun-Jin Jeon, and Se Jong Oh)
  3. Paper Title: AR Service for Pet’s Supplies Using Deep-learning Based on Markerless AR (Authors: Saejin Kim, Jaeeun Shin, Sowon Choi, Seungeun Heo, and Se Jong Oh)


Keynote Speaker                                       

Prof. Dr. Surendra Shrestha

Department of Electronics & Computer Engineering, Pulchowk Campus, Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University, Nepal.

Title: Application of AI, Fighting against COVID-19

Brief Biography:

Dr. Surendra Shrestha (P.Eng., Nepal) received a PhD in Nanoscience from the Sunmoon University, S.Korea, in 2010 and Post Doctorate in title Garphene Based Technology, ETSI, ISOM, University Polytechnica de Madrid, Spain. He is working as Associate Professor at the Tribhuvan University, Nepal. He has over 24 years of experience working in an academic and research institution as different responsibilities like Head of Department; Program Coordinator, MSc-Information and Communication Engineering; Deputy Head, Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering, Pulchowk Campus, Institute of Engineering; Director, Branch of Industry Academic Collaboration Foundation (BIACF), MIS officer in Institute of Engineering; National Consultant, Sericulture Rural Development Program (SRDP), UNDP, Nepal; Instructor, Education & Training Department, National Computer Center, Kathmandu Nepal; and many more. His current research interests include the Internet of NanoThings, Telecommunications, Artificial Intelligence, and Wireless communication, and Material Science. He has published more than 60 scientific articles in peer-reviewed conference proceedings and refereed journals in the field of semiconductor, computer science and communication technology. He has been a board member of the Nepal Engineering Council and different technical and social sectors.


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Program in Detail

Wednesday, December 09, 2020, Korean Standard Time

A. Plenary Session Time : 12:30 – 13:00

  • Introductory address (12:30-12:32): Prof. Dr. Oh, Se Jong, (Artificial Intelligence Education Institute, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Gyeonggi-do, Korea)
  • Welcome speech by Conference Chair (12:32 -12:35) Prof. Dr. Illchul Doo

Keynote Speech: 12:35 –12:55

  • Keynote Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Bhanu Shrestha
  • Keynote Speech (12:35-12:55): Prof. Dr. Surendra Shrestha

B. Oral Session Time : 13:00 – 16:00
Session Chair : Prof. Dr. Bhanu Shrestha

ICAEIC-2020-801 (Time : 13:00-13:15)
AR service for pet’s supplies using deeplearning based on Marker-less AR
 (Saejin Kim, Jaeeun Shin, Sowon Choi, Seungeun Heo, SeJong Oh)

ICAEIC-2020-802 (Time : 13:15-13:30)

Algorithm for Recommending Stamp
(HyunWook Jang, MinJi Choi, JeongSeob Song, JiWoong Jeon, and Ilcheol Doo)

ICAEIC-2020-803 (Time : 13:30-13:45)
Developing an Application for Mental Health
(Kyu-Jin Kim, Chul-Min Park, Seung-Won Choi, and Se Jong Oh)

ICAEIC-2020-804 (Time : 13:45-14:00)
Device for Shooting Spin Imaged and Application for Providing Spin Images
(Jun Gu Kang, Yong Jun Cheon, Sun Woong Moon, Ye Ji Kim, SeJong Oh, and Jun Kim)

ICAEIC-2020-805 (Time : 14:00-14:15)
Small Business Customer Analysis Management Dashboard
(Aaron Roh, Byunghak Ko, Subin Kim, and Se Jong Oh)

ICAEIC-2020-806 (Time : 14:15-14:30)
Development of incomplete morpheme connection method for topic analysis of unstructured text data
(Hye-Rin Kim, Gun-Ho Park, Seong-Joo Kim, and Jae-Young Choi)

ICAEIC-2020-807 (Time : 14:30-14:45)
Application : FOX(Find Or eXchange) 
(Heeju Kim, Dahyeon Cheon, Sinho Choi, and Ilcheol Doo)

ICAEIC-2020-808 (Time : 14:45-15:00)
Contract Management System
(HeeSun Kim, TaeHoon Kim, SungHyun Kim, SangWoo Nam, and III Chul Doo)

ICAEIC-2020-809 (Time : 15:00-15:15)
We Find the Store You Want
(Lee Seung Hyuk, Kim Dong Yoon, Woo Jeong Un, Ye Sung Min, and III Chul Doo)

ICAEIC-2020-810 (Time : 15:15-15:30)
Development of brushing data collection and analysis program to predict mild cognitive impairment
(Ji Jun-Hwan, Kim Su-Yong, Kim Hyo-Rin, Kim Dong-Kyu, and III Chul Doo)

ICAEIC-2020-811 (Time : 15:30-15:45)
Technique for composing music by Artificial Intelligence
(Hyeong-Suk, JI-Oh Lee, Dae-Kwon Lim, Mun-Jin,- Jeon, and Se Jong Oh)

ICAEIC-2020-812 (Time : 15:45-16:00)
Cryptocurrency Price Prediction Program Application
(Haneul Lee, Seungjae Kim, Seungyong Kwon, and Sejong Oh)

Time : 16:00 –16:10 Break Time

C. Oral Session Time : 16:10 – 19:10
Session Chair : Prof. Dr. Bhanu Shrestha

ICAEIC-2020-813 (Time : 16:10-16:25)
IT Integrated Asset Management System
(Taehoon Kim, Jinyoung Kim, Sunbo Sim, and Sejong Oh)

ICAEIC-2020-814 (Time : 16:25-16:40)
CMC Autobid Project
(Ho Nyung Heo, Min Su Kim, Sung Min Lim, Won Hyuk Choi, and Sang Young Cho)

ICAEIC-2020-815 (Time : 16:40-16:55)
Development of donation applications using social network content
(Du Ri Kim, Jeong Ho Kim, Yoo Jin Hong, and Se Jong Oh)

ICAEIC-2020-816 (Time : 16:55-17:10)
Development of Road Abnormal Situation Detection and Notification Application Using Deep Learning
(LeeCheayoung, Kimhyomin, LeeWoorim, Jeongheewon, and III Chul Doo)

ICAEIC-2020-817 (Time : 17:10-17:25)
Shopping mall Q&A algorithm base merchandise proposal program (Junsung Kim, Gihun Nam, Chanwoo Kim, and Sejong Oh)

ICAEIC-2020-818 (Time : 17:25-17:40)
Blockchain-based non-face-to-face electronic contract solution
(Seung jae Lee, Yeonsoo Chung, Hyeongseok Kim, and Se Jong Oh)

ICAEIC-2020-819 (Time : 17:40-17:55)
Efficiency and Cultural Smart Trash Bin: Eco Story
(Hyonbin Yun, Hawon Seo, Somin Shin, JinEok Na, and Moon Hyun Kym)

ICAEIC-2020-820 (Time : 17:55-18:10)
Global Influencer Business based on Blockchain
(Gyeongjun Im, Soohyung Lee, Hyunbin Im, Dahee Park, and Daon Kim)

ICAEIC-2020-821 (Time : 18:10-18:25)
Methodology of Accuracy Analysis for the Intent of Purchase through Stamp Customization Service Utilizing Keras and Deep Neural Network 
(Ji-yeon Kang, Han-byul Kim, Ye-jin Ju, and Yoo-Jin Moon)

ICAEIC-2020-822 (Time : 18:25-18:40)
An automated system for detecting area of radial head in X-ray images
(Chiyoon Kim, and Ildong Yun)

ICAEIC-2020-823 (Time : 18:40-18:55)
IT Integrated Asset Management System A Comparison Study of Two Topic Modeling Approaches with BERT
(Hojae Lee, Junha Kim, Jinsung Kim, Jiin Lee, Jieun Han, Soyeon Park, and Jee Eun Kim)

ICAEIC-2020-824 (Time : 187:55-19:10)
AI Technology to Provide Customized Styling Services Based on User’s Closet
(Juyoung Park, Yujin Lee, Jaesung Lee, Hyoseop Lee, and Sejong Oh)

D. Closing Ceremony : 19:10 – 19:30
Certificate Distribution Announcement (Certificates + Best Paper Awards)

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